It Was All For You...
I'm totally obsessed with GREY'S ANATOMY, ROOKIE BLUE, ONE TREE HILL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, LOST, HARRY POTTER, GOSSIP GIRL, SUITS, REIGN, ARROW, and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! They're fricken awesome! I MISS ONE TREE HILL!!! OMFGUSH RON AND HERMIONE ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! KEEP CALM AND GINGER ON! Couples I ship are NALEY, LEYTON, BRULIAN, CASEY & CAPPIE, MER-DER, MARK & LEXIE, JACKSON & APRIL, DELENA, KLAROLINE, ZOE & WADE, MIKE & RACHEL, BLAIR & DAN, ANDY & SAM, OLICITY, and ROMIONE! GAIL PECK IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! I basically peed my pants while watching PITCH PERFECT! I laugh almost every minute of the day. You know what they say... a day without laughter, is a day.... wait for it.... wasted!
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